F.A.Q. - mermaidlinden

Here are some frequently asked questions that will tell you all about Professional Mermaid and Ocean Edutainer, Linden Wolbert!


Q: Can I hire you to come to my birthday party or special event and be a mermaid?

A: Yes! I am a live, swimming mermaid who is ready to perform at children's parties, corporate events, in tanks, pools, or even the ocean! The sky....er....sea floor is the limit! Send us a message through our contact form and we'll get back to you in a tail flip!


Q: Will you travel to other countries for special events, photo shoots and parties?

A: Yes, I have traveled all over the globe for my mermaid work and performances! No ocean is too far, no pool too distant. Have tail, will travel! I have been to the Bahamas, Honduras, Palau, Cozumel, Tobago, Bonaire, Japan, the Florida Keys, all over the United States, in Scotland, England, and many places in between! Follow me on my Facebook page  and my INSTAGRAM to track all of my adventures in oceans, pools and lakes far and wide!


Q: Do you sell mermaid tails?

A: YES!!! Mermaid Linden has teamed up with Body Glove and designed the safest, fastest and most comfortable kid's and teen/adult unisex monofins out there, at affordable prices. Her swimmable kid’s Mix and Match Mermaid Tails feature two separate adjustable foot straps with soft neoprene cushion that grow with you (one for each foot), quick-release safety straps, a soft-tipped fluke that won't scratch you or your friends in the pool and flows like a fish tail. The comfy foot pockets won't leave blisters on your toes and heels, and it has a larger fin blade than any other kid's monofin out there! Shaped like Linden's own mermaid tail, this monofin and tail duo will have you flying through the water like the mermaid you are at heart!

Our new Adult Unisex Monofin is Safe, Fast and Comfortable! As one-size-fits-most, it singularly accommodates the widest range of foot size possible....women’s US 4.5 through men’s US size 11.5! Whether making your own mermaid tail and using it as a base, or taking it to the pool as your favorite new aquatic fitness tool, the Mermaid Linden by Body Glove Adult Unisex Monofin is built to last! Buy yours HERE



Q: Are you afraid of diving in the ocean with sharks, whales and other creatures?

A: I love swimming with animals in the ocean! I have found in my time under the waves that creatures respond very differently to a half-fish, half-human than they do to humans who are on SCUBA, for example. Looking in the eye of a whale took my breath away. Diving with sharks is magical and unlike anything else. Being surrounded by thousands of pulsing jellyfish is like a dream! Hearing dolphins clicking and squeaking underwater in the Pacific is beyond description. Whale sharks are so large and gentle, and it is hard to believe their size in person; or the beauty of their speckled skin. I respect ocean creatures and choose to let them approach me. What an honor!




Q: Do your eyes sting in the water? How do you see underwater without goggles or a mask?

A: Yes, my eyes absolutely sting depending on the water I'm in. Chlorinated swimming pools are the worst, naturally. Saline pools are heaven when the Ph balance is right! Each ocean has a different level of salt in it, which in turn affects how much it burns eyes. Some are very mild and pleasant, while others burn almost as much as a chlorinated pool. It is part of being a mermaid! Blurred underwater vision is also part of being a mermaid. This sometimes presents challenges while diving with animals, as you may imagine!  I have been stung in the eyes by jellyfish, and been so blinded by some chlorinated pools that I cannot see clearly when I get out! 


Q: How long can you hold your breath and how deep can you dive?

A: Thanks to safety training by professionals and certified instructors, I have a personal best static breath hold of just over five minutes.  I have dived to 115 feet down and back up on a single breath of air in the ocean, again surrounded by professional coaches, safeties and freedivers. I encourage anyone who is interested in becoming a mermaid or merman to take a freediving course and to learn safety protocol and the buddy system.  NEVER DIVE OR SWIM ALONE! There are many wonderful agencies out there to learn from. It’s only FUN if it’s SAFE!


Q: What is your favorite thing about being a mermaid?

A: Interacting with children in the water and sharing the magic of our oceans with them is my favorite :) I encourage children to learn to swim very early, then to scuba dive, and to explore our underwater environments. Once a child (or adult!) sees aquatic creatures in their natural habitat, they have a profound appreciation for conserving them. I call these children and adults my "Sea Fans!" My web series, Mermaid Minute, teaches viewers all about our oceans - one minute at a time! Sea for yourself on my YouTube Channel!



Q: Where is your favorite place in the world to swim?

A: I have several places that I love to swim. The first is off a remote beach on an island in the Bahamas. It is a secret beach that is very special to me. The clear, warm water seems to go on forever and ever. The second is in Palau, where the reef is the healthiest and most colorful I have ever seen! The third is in my local kelp forest off the coast of California. Its beauty is so unique. The kelp is stunning, and the sun filtering through it is remarkable! The water may be cold, but the sensation of diving there is unlike anywhere else in the world!


Q: Where can I see more videos of you?

A: There are many mermaid videos of me here on my website, but my YouTube channel is where I post all of my new videos from my adventures! Check it out and subscribe to receive notifications of my latest video posts, HERE! Be sure to subscribe and ring the “bell!”


Q: What ocean charity or non-profit do you recommend I donate to?

A: I love Reef Check Worldwide. I learned about them through the underwater documentary by Howard and Michelle Hall, Coral Reef Adventure. Reef Check is a wonderful international organization that helps monitor the health of tropical coral reefs all over the globe, as well as our rocky reefs of California. With volunteer teams in more than 90 countries and territories, Reef Check works to create partnerships among communities, government agencies, businesses, universities and other non-profits. Reef Check educates the public about the value of reef ecosystems to create a global network of volunteer teams trained in Reef Check's scientific methods. These volunteers regularly monitor and report on reef health. They facilitate collaborations that produce ecologically sound and economically sustainable solutions; and stimulate local community action to protect remaining pristine reefs and rehabilitate damaged reefs worldwide. Please visit the Reef Check website HERE.

Q: Are you looking to hire other mermaids?

A: Mermaids in Motion and Mermaid Linden are not hiring other mermaids at this time. Please check back on this website often for updates, changes and possible opportunities!


Q: Do you wear waterproof makeup being a mermaid?

A: Funny you should ask! The ONLY thing I wear that is waterproof is mascara. The trick is to do your makeup nicely, and then never touch it once you're in the water! I got invited to be in one of YouTube Makeup Guru Michelle Phan's video tutorials on Waterproof Makeup. I transformed her into a mermaid for the day, and in turn, she had a LOT to teach me about how to get your perfect underwater look. See her full video HERE and see my behind-the-scenes video with Michelle Phan and I HERE! Yes, she is as sweet in person as she is in her videos :) I also did an interview about my makeup for New York Magazine. You can read my interview and learn my waterproof beauty secrets HERE :)